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AEES - Education Studies (Non-Certification)

Education Undergraduate Bachelor of Arts

Program Title

Education Studies (Non-Certification)


Walker School of Education

Program Type

Undergraduate Major

Degree Designation

Bachelor of Arts

Program Level


Program Overview

Occasionally a student who is interested in education and teaching is not recommended for clinical experience by the faculty or does not meet the expectations and requirements of the capstone experience (clinical experience). A student may still be passionate about a career where the courses in education and teaching are an asset, but where teaching certification is not required. Such instances might include teaching at an agency or other institution that does not require Nebraska Department of Education Certification (YMCA, church, museums, national/state parks, education division of a company, day care, etc.). Students will be able to apply for the Education Studies (Non-Certification) major after approval by the dean and Junior Level Status.

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