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Each candidate for graduation is required to complete and file with the University Registrar’s Office a “Petition for Graduation” form by the deadline established. Degree candidates, who have completed or made arrangements to complete all requirements for graduation to the satisfaction of the University Registrar, are included in the commencement ceremonies. Candidates who have been continually enrolled at Midland must meet the degree requirements enumerated in the catalog when they first entered Midland or the catalog in effect at the time of their graduation.

Candidates who stop enrollment for any period of time will be bound by the catalog in effect at the time of their re-enrollment. Students who choose to move forward to a new catalog must meet all requirements of the new catalog and may not return to a previous catalog.

To qualify for graduation, a student must:

  1. Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.00 based upon a minimum of 80 credits on the A-F system.

  2. Have a GPA of at least 2.25 (some departments require a higher GPA) in the major or minor based upon a minimum of two-thirds A-F graded credit hours. In all cases, students are responsible for meeting the current requirements of external licensing and credentialing agencies.

  3. Complete at least one upper-level course in residence to earn a minor. At least one upper-level course and the capstone must be completed in residence to earn a major.

  4. Meet residency, established by completing 30 of the last 36 credits at Midland University.


Undergraduate students who have completed all but six (6) credits may participate in that year’s commencement

ceremonies if arrangements are made in writing with the University Registrar to complete the required credits in the following summer session. Students with more than six credits to be completed, but no more than 12, may petition Academic Affairs after discussion with the University Registrar. In such cases, honors are not determined until all course work has been completed.

Students participating in commencement prior to completion of all degree requirements must adhere to the following:

  • The tuition and fees for summer school must be paid prior to commencement;

  • There is no refund of tuition and fees for summer session after the student has participated in the commencement ceremonies;

  • At the end of the Spring term, the student must meet the minimum standards for the major and cumulative GPA requirements, (e.g. 2.25 in the major and 2.00 overall).

Graduating in Four Years

Midland University is committed to providing students the diverse experiences of a liberal arts education with the support and guidance necessary to graduate in four years. By working closely with a Student Success Advisor, students are ensured access to the courses and support needed to be successful and graduate in four years. All students meeting the four basic requirements below will be guaranteed the opportunity to earn an undergraduate degree in four years:

  1. Declare a major by the start of their sophomore year. Students may use the first year to explore major options and possible programs of interest. The Four-Year Graduation Guarantee applies to all full time undergraduate students entering college for the first time and their completion of one major and one minor, including majors that require on-time acceptance into a specific program of study. Programs requiring early matriculation and acceptance include the Nursing program (acceptance by the start of the Sophomore year) and the Education program (acceptance by the completion of the Sophomore year).

  2. Enroll in classes to fulfill the requirements of the student’s declared major(s) and/or minor(s). Courses at Midland University have been sequenced to allow for completion of requirements within four years. Students are required to meet with their Student Success Advisor at least once per semester to review their program of study, register for classes and partner in developing a graduation plan. The Advisor will assist in developing the graduation plan utilizing the Academic Catalog which will be available as a reference guide to the student.

  3. Maintain a normal course load as a full-time student, and earn the minimum passing grade in all classes. Students enrolling in at least 15 credit hours (a normal course load) during each Fall and Spring semester should be able to earn enough credits to satisfy degree requirements within four years as long as they earn the minimum passing grade for each course as stated in the Academic Catalog for each course and program. Students opting to take a course load of fewer than 15 credits a semester will need to enroll in extra hours either in a future or Summer. Students taking a course graded as P/PM/NC must earn a ‘P’ to satisfy course requirements and earn a passing grade.

  4. Remain in good academic, financial and disciplinary standing. Students are required to meet the minimum GPA requirements outlined in the Academic Catalog. All student accounts must be in good standing prior to the beginning of the next term. Students are required to establish an acceptable payment plan with the Midland Student Billing Office. Students will have no major violations of campus policies as outlined in the Midland University Student Handbook, the Academic Catalog and/or the Athletic Commitment of Excellence.

Earning a Second Degree at Midland University

Midland University students who have already earned a Midland degree and return may earn a second degree if it is different from the first (i.e., a Bachelor of Arts if the first degree was a Bachelor of Science), complete all new major requirements under the catalog at the time of their re-admission and earn 30 credits at Midland in addition to the credits earned for the first degree.

Students will not be required to meet new core, general education requirements as they have already fulfilled them by earning their first Bachelor’s degree. Students entering Midland University with a Bachelor’s degree from another institution who wish to earn a Bachelor’s degree at Midland University must meet our core requirements in addition to all other graduation requirements such as cumulative GPA of 2.0, residency requirement and major requirements. Credits transferred in from the previously earned bachelor’s degree may count towards Midland University graduation requirements including major, minor, and core.

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