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First Year Experience and Midland Studies                                                                       

Midland University believes that the first year of college is central in developing the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors necessary for the successful completion of a college degree, becoming a lifelong learner, becoming an active and ethical participant in a diverse world, and in living a life of service. Therefore, Midland University provides a foundational first-year experience that allows students to lay claim to their unique gifts and talents. The University initiates the learning and the student becomes an engaged learner to develop the foundation for each student to live out our mission of learning and leading in the world with purpose. To advance our core institutional values of faith, learning, quality, respect, and stewardship,

Midland University:
●       Respects and addresses the varied academic, personal and social development needs of all students,
●       Supports curricular and co-curricular programs that promote full engagement in learning,
●       Develops faculty and staff to work effectively with first-year students, and
●       Assesses our comprehensive first-year experience for improvement.

Our students:
●       Understand the academic expectations of the University,
●       Demonstrate the foundational skills for academic success including reading, writing, speaking, and critical thinking,
●       Take responsibility for their own learning,
●       Appreciate that the role and purpose of a liberal arts education includes liberating and opening the mind, and preparing students for responsible action,
●       Participate in academic and co-curricular activities to experience a diversity of ideas, world views and cultures,
●       Are aware of and use the support resources of the University, and
●       Develop behaviors to support a physically, spiritually, and socially healthy lifestyle. 

All First Year students at Midland University enroll in MID101: The Midland University Experience, a first year success course, or MID103: Warrior Academic Success Seminar I, an academic skills development course. These courses prepare students for success in their college career and familiarize them with the institution. These courses are co-facilitated by faculty and staff and current students who are able to earn elective college credit via enrollment in MID200: Leadership Seminar I. Students who need additional academic support are enrolled in MID104: Warrior Academic Success Seminar II during the spring semester of the first year.

For more information, contact the Director of Academic Core Experience.

Study Away                                                                                                                               

Via the Dr. Leo H. Kirchhoff Study Away Program, students have the opportunity to earn credit with immersive study away experiences. Travel includes international and domestic locations and have included Los Angeles, Tanzania, Guatemala, Australia, and various countries in Europe. Typically, these courses occur over summer or spring break. Course numbers fall under the IND prefix or the special topics numbers within subject areas.

Faculty Mentors                                                                                                                       

Midland believes that one of the great advantages of a small liberal arts college is the opportunity for closer relationships between faculty and students. Midland also recognizes that students bring with them unique backgrounds of ability, interest, social experiences, vocational aspirations, and spiritual development. With these thoughts in mind, the purpose of the mentoring services at Midland is to accept the uniqueness of the individual and to take advantage of the close relationship between faculty and students to help each individual reach the greatest potential.

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